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Enriching Your Horse's Life

  Studies have shown that captive animals live healthier, less stressful lives if they have opportunities to spend time doing things they'd normally do in the wild. Giving animals outlets for their natural instincts, ways to work for their food and interesting environments to live in is called enrichment. If you go to the zoo, you'll notice that many of the animals have toys that dispense fo...

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Enrich Your Pet Bird's Life

Enrichment, foraging, toys, devices and quality of life are all phrases that are thrown around in the pet bird world on a regular basis. We all have a general knowledge of what they mean, but is there truly understanding of how to create an effective enrichment plan for your pet bird? With this article, I hope to walk you through those terms, the end result being a more enriched life for your comp...

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Small Mammal Marketplace: Profit with En…

In line with the growing popularity of small mammals and pocket pets, the industry continues to showcase a large variety of fun, new accessories designed to appeal to the critters and to the 5 million U.S. households caring for at least one small animal. “There is a strong consumer demand for products that will provide both exercise and enrichment for small animals,” said Paul Demas project manag...

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About Us


Our aim is to provide humane education regarding environmental enrichment to enhance the life of all captive animals.

Saturday, 21 July 2012 00:48

Steps to Enrich ANY Animal

Know the animal:

  • —Does the animal live in groups I.E. pack, flock, herd, pod, school?
  • —Is the animal diurnal, nocturnal or crepuscular?
  • —Is the animal  predator, scavenger or forager? Combination of all?
  • —Is the animal migratory  or territorial?
  • —Is the animal arboreal, or live on the ground, in a den?
  • —What are the most common types of food consumed?
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