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Our aim is to provide humane education regarding environmental enrichment to enhance the life of all captive animals.

Items filtered by date: Friday, 20 July 2012
Friday, 20 July 2012 22:54

Sample Enrichment for Felines

  • —Scratching posts that are tall enough & do not wobble
  • —Different substrates in more than 1 litter box
  • —Scent stimulation
  • —Dry food in treat dispensing balls
  • —Lure chasing followed by wet food
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Friday, 20 July 2012 22:51

Modern History

Since the 1950s & continuing presently, there have been numerous studies documenting the need for captive animals to have the most natural habitats designed to promote species typical & specific behaviors & the term “environmental enrichment” was coined.  This has extended to include enrichment for people who are living in institutional settings like nursing homes, assisted living centers & hospice facilities & is known as the Eden Alternative

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Friday, 20 July 2012 22:45

History of Environmental Enrichment

As early as 1920, non-human primate researcher, Robert Yerkeys designed & created items for his research animals to use for play & documented stress relief.
In the 1940s, Dr. Hediger researched the importance of housing animals that naturally lived in social groups together for stress reduction & to increase natural behaviors to be exhibited.

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